Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Stories

New stories that are out are as follows.
After Dorthena came Love Farris for young girls no sex in them. Then came Wolf Pack. In Wolf Pack you will hear about Thorn the first wolf to set down laws,rules, regulations for the packs, the taking of one mate, the set up of the structure of the pack with an alpha and beta's. Then came Warrior Wolf in Warrior Wolf there is more Lore to be read, about Felina the she cat how she took up with a Wolf named Cedar and the two became a strong pack and most of the packs of today follow.

The stories are doing far better then I had expected. I thought if I sold one book that would be great. Amethyst hit over 2,000 copies downloaded. Dorthena hit nearly the 1500 mark downloaded.

The stories that people have to pay for well people want the stories for free. They do not realize that I sit down to write a story it takes two sometimes more weeks to write. I sit down at my computer at 6:30 a.m. in the morning and I don't get up from writing until sometimes as late as midnight. I usually stop around 10 p.m. that makes for a long day of writing with no pay or extremely small amount of pay so far the most I have made per hour is less then 100th of a cent a hour. Now who in these days ever sit down and work for that, realize that is not even a penny an hour.

I have had offers for people to proof read my stories for me some want paid, others will do it for free if I proof read for them, but they won't sign a contact stating they won't use any part of my stories.

I had to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 because the old windows program I had would not work right and save corrections made to the stories so the first few stories went out with errors in them. Pain in the butt really and that program cost me 150.00 so far I am in the whole with writing I haven't made enough to even cover the program.

My family things because I write and sold a few books that I am wealthy. Now that is a laugh. Others want to ride on my shirt tale. Just blows my mind.

Then others want my stories printed out for free and mailed to them at my expense to mail a story costs me any where from 7.50 to 23.00 depending if it is staying in Canada or going to the states.

Now I understand why some great writers stop after one book, or one story, or even one novella which is what I write. This is what I am considering doing stopping the stories, but then the small amount of fans I have would not be happy about that. Some call me up wanting to know when the next story is coming out. Some stop me the street asking when the next story comes out.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Books For Your Download Pleasure

Stories available to download at Smashwords by Sharon R. Barrett

Amethyst falls for Rain Walker strong independent alpha male, there love story takes readers to a new height.

Storm Alpha pack leader with a strong will and an even stronger love for Wind Belanger Storm works for the oil Company at a plant Wind Belanger drops out of the clear blue sky right into the arms of Storm Walker.

Zand private investigator werewolf falls in love with a woman name Alexis who her Uncle is trying to murder. Zanderland Alexander born on an eclipse makes him stronger. sexual,how fate and the manipulation of destiny works for him.

Dorethena beautiful dangerous multi shape shifter works for herself as a hit woman. She gets well paid for killing.

Daynight beautiful multi shape shifter mother to Rain and Storm read her story about her love for Ax who is Rain and Storms father how they split and are reunited healing wounds in the family and dealing with the death of a daughter

Paige The story of a doctor works for Storm, read about her greedy nasty sister who tries to destroy her life almost to the point of murder.

Coming Soon Taran, strong six foot four government agent teams up with Silver Moon Starko a female wolf agent together they not only capture Pete but they capture love for the first time.

New Books

Dorethena is completed and up for free at smashwords.com under romance, paranormal and I am now working on a new story about Taran Knight. Taran works for the Canadian Intelligence Secret Service and will be heading up the CIWA which means the Canadian Intelligence Wolfen Agency.
Taran is going up against and ex CIA operative Pete Reilly who has gone crazy and has become a serial killer on a mission. He shows up at the strangest times warning Taran to back off. Of course Taran cannot do that.
When the book comes available please go to smashwords.com and download your copy.

Friday, November 19, 2010


The story of Amethyst is now on Feed books and it downloaded perfectly. So please enjoy.Sharon

New book

A new book will be coming out with in the next few days. This is a book about Paige a female werewolf doctor and a romancing two timing male wolf or used females for his own pleasure. Jake is his name and he has come up against the beautiful intelligent female Paige who won't give him the time of day in the beginning. Poor Jake doesn't know what hit him when he comes up against Paige. Read the book at Smashwords.com in the meantime read Amethyst for free she has been up dated and corrections made. Also you will find Storm the romantic male alpha wolf in all the books so far. Zand the private investigator shows up in books as well. Sharon

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have published Amethyst a story about Amethyst Richardson a female werewolf on the run from a man who wants to kill her. She runs into a male wolf name Rain Walker and he tries to protect her. I went into information on how the moon effects the wolves and it's control over them by which phrase they were born under.

Then as a free book it is doing great! So I published Storm which is a story about a male werewolf alpha of a pack who is my way or the high way attitude. He meets Wind Belanger who works for the oil company and they clash with tempers and heated words, she goes from anger to laughter in seconds. She is a match for the dashingly handsome Storm who sings at a local club. He is a romantic sweep them off their feet type of guy.

The third book is Zand his name is Zanderland Alexander a private investigator wolf who hunts down Alexis who is on the run. Fear has been instilled in her from an abusing Uncle and she learns to fight back with Zand's help.

All three books are adult reading material and can be found under romance books in Smashword.com

Check them out first chance you get and download Amethyst free. Sharon

Monday, May 31, 2010


If you would like a copy of Amethyst please contact me I will be happy to send you a copy in PDF format. Amethyst is about a werewolf story romance, with exotic sex thrown in for good measure. This book is adult reading material. Amethyst is copy written 2010